Saturday, April 30, 2011

an interruption: The Royal Wedding

I have many more Easter pics and tales to share, but the royal nuptials between Kate Middleton and Prince William took place yesterday at the early, early hour of 6 a.m., and I wanted to be sure to record it here on the Burp Cloth.
Kate and I decided to wake up and watch the wedding together. I'm so glad we did. We snuggled and commented on all the pretty dresses and strange hats. Kate loved the princess's gown, as did I. I love that our tastes in fashion are so similar. Hoping it stays that way for a good long time. Here's just a few conversations with Kate that made yesterday morning so special:

My Kate Elizabeth as William's Kate Elizabeth stepped out of the car: "Today is a big day for her AND a big day for me."
Me: Why is it a big day for you?
Kate: Trike-a-thon.

Upon William and Harry's arrival:
Kate: Who are they?
Me: That's Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince William is getting married today.
Kate: There are only TWO princes????
Me: Yep.
Kate: I sure do hope there's a prince left when I get married.

It was a sweet I'm hoping she'll remember when she's all grown up.


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