Friday, December 31, 2010

christmas 2010

So, this particular Christmas post is a work in progress. I'm just now including a picture, and it' 14th. Oh geez. It seems even worse when you actually type out the words. May 14th. Well, as always with the Burp Cloth, I'm hoping that late is better than never.

This Christmas was a big deal. The kids are getting older, and they are better able to understand the wonderment of our Savior's birth. I love hearing their questions and watching their eyes grow wide as we talk about baby Jesus and the manger. And I love to hear them sing...Sam this year was especially funny with his own rendition of "Jingle Bells."

And, it was a big deal for one more reason -- we celebrated Christmas for the very first time EVER in our home. Well, our Christmas morning was actually Christmas Eve morning, but, hey, close enough. I even had presents under our tree (this was a first). It was pure joy to watch the kids sleepily work their way downstairs, rubbing their eyes while trying to be the first to spy what Santa had left for them. Kate and Sam received a leapster and a mobigo (respectively) and Benjamin became the proud owner of a very cool pirate ship. We had cinnamon rolls and played Christmas was perfect.

Then it was time to pile into the van and head north. We made it to NC in time to play with Avery and open the NBCs (pajamas, of course). I know full well that my children will very soon have very strong opinions concerning what they will and will not wear, so I had to seize the opportunity this year to do this:

I cute, right? Avery wore the same PJs as was adorable.

The next morning was wonderful, just as it always is. After all the presents were opened, Kate and Sam started an impromptu "snowball" fight by throwing wads of wrapping paper at the unsuspecting. So, just to paint a picture, we had 4 kiddos 5 and under simultaneously throwing and dodging wrapping paper wads, while Pops - trash bag in hand - tried to contain the chaos, and everyone else passed around the bowl of sausage balls. In short, it was Christmas perfection.

Just a day later - the day after Christmas - a real snowball fight ensued...

Although I was a little disappointed that we just missed a White Christmas, we were all thrilled to have snow at all. We heaped on the clothes (poor Sam could barely walk), and hurried to make fresh tracks in Nana and Pop's backyard. There were snow angles, snow cream, snow balls, and of course, a snow man:

Yes, those are the Green Lantern's shades. And if you know the boys in my family, you know that anything belonging to super hero would be perfectly befitting for a Burton-made snowman.

Christmas has always been one of my most favorite times of year. And, as a mom, it's even better. So much better :)


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