Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Other Kind of March Madness

No, Blogger is not mysteriously deleting all of my posts. I'm cheating! Truth is, I haven't had the kind of time I'm craving to really sit down and recap all the happenings inside this busy home of ours. I haven't even moved the pictures from our camera to the computer. Ridiculous, I know. But, to hold me over, here's a few cute things from the kiddos:

Kate's adorable mispronunciations are few and far between these days, but I'm noticing that she still has a hard time with "ambulance," which she pronounces as "aliens." Weird, yes, but cute nevertheless.

Sam has developed super powers. For real. If you don't believe me, just ask him. Super power #1 - the ability to find things. His favorite books lately are the "Look and Find" type (think "Where's Waldo"). Ask him, say, to find the alligator on a certain page. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out his invisible super power, throws it onto the page, and BAM! There's the alligator. Super power #2 - his "seeing eyes." According to Sam, he sees the whole world right outside his bedroom window.

Benjamin has taken to streaking, as in the naked-as-a-jaybird crawling all throughout the house. He loves it.

Kate this morning: Mommy, you remember my first day at preschool? Remember that I was scared and you weren't? Now that I'm going to Kindergarten, you're scared and I'm not. (So true!)

More to come...promise.


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