Saturday, April 30, 2011

here comes peter cottontail...

When did Easter get so busy? I'm accustomed to the craziness that comes with Christmas, but the busyness of this Easter season took me by surprise. It was all wonderful--egg hunts, bunny cake, another egg hunt, Easter parties, dying eggs, Easter baskets, and, of course, Easter Sunday. Every bit of it was fun and good and wonderful. But I need to be careful lest I allow my calendar full of activities to distract me from the enormity of Christ's resurrection. My Savior died in my place, and He rose again. He loves me. Simple words, profound truth.
And it was fun. Kate and Sam both enjoyed Easter egg hunts at church and at school. Sam - for reasons yet to be understood - completely freaked out at his first egg hunt. He started off with a strong sprint but nearly collapsed in tears just moments later. We're guessing that he felt a bit overwhelmed by all the hoopla. After all, his 3 year old self was expecting a "hunt," not an all out stampede.
His second attempt was much less traumatic. He was thrilled to find each egg, and even more thrilled to show it off to me. Check out his basket. Better yet, check out his face. He was so stinkin' proud of himself, and that made two of us.
Look at my Kate. Running. Running and not falling. This is somewhat a big deal. You all know that I adore my girl. Adore her. So thankful for her. She's my best girl. And that's why I can say that my sweet Kate is not especially known for her grace. She's prone to falling off of chairs and tripping on invisible objects. But nothing held her back on this day. She took off with every bit of excitement her little self could contain. And she racked up :)


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